NBA Preview 2015-16

Since the NBA season is starting soon I figured it’s as good a time as any to post an NBA preview. Last season was one of the most fun seasons in NBA history but some key injuries kept it from being as great as it could have been. Mostly the injuries to Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were the one’s that were the most upsetting to me, but there were some terrible ones that hurt a lot of teams. This preview will assume that nothing will ever go wrong for any of these teams and we flipped the injuries to off for the season. So lets start by ranking the teams based on how many players they have that I think are good NBA players. (Just for reference I feel that you need 10 players to be title contenders, and any team with 5 should look at tanking for the number one pick, and if they just did that and still don’t have any players they should look at firing everyone)

1. Cleveland Cavaliers 11
2. Chicago Bulls 10
3. Washington Wizards 9
4. Atlanta Hawks 8
5. Toronto Raptors 7
6. Miami Heat 7
7. Milwaukee Bucks7
8. Charlotte Hornets 7
9. Indiana Pacers 5
10. Orlando Magic 5
11. Philadelphia 76ers 4
12. New York Knicks 4
13. Detroit Pistons 3
14. Brooklyn Nets 3
15. Boston Celtics 2
1. Golden State Warriors 12
2. Oklahoma City Thunder 10
3. Houston Rockets 10
4. San Antonio Spurs 10
5. Memphis Grizzlies 10
6. Los Angeles Clippers 10
7. New Orleans Pelicans 9
8. Dallas Mavericks 7
9. Utah Jazz 7
10. Sacramento Kings 7
11. Minnesota Timberwolves 6
12. Denver Nuggets 5
13. Phoenix Suns 4
14.  Portland Trail Blazers 4
15. Los Angeles Lakers 3
And actually that looks like a pretty good list for my playoff picks. I decided to break the ties with just what felt right, which team seems like it should be better or worse than those others with the same number of good players. I think the thing that people will be most upset with me is that I have the Jazz missing the playoffs again. The only reason I have the Mavericks is in because they have a star in Dirk and the Jazz don’t have a star, so even though Dirk is old and only about half of himself .5 is still more than 0.  I also think that Carlisle is a better coach than Snyder.  I was surprised at how high the Kings finished and that the entire Southwest division is in the playoffs. I don’t know if that’s actually possible, which might be the reason that the Jazz end up actually sneaking in to the playoffs.  Now these rankings are all just based on how I feel about them, so you can go ahead and tell me I’m wrong.
Now for the playoffs I’d assume that it’s going to be Golden State vs. Cleveland once it gets to the finals, but because the finals are very rarely a rematch of the year before I’m going to go with Cleveland over Oklahoma City in the Finals. I really have no reason to think that the Warriors won’t make the finals, but repeating is really really hard and if they do it just means that they’re one of the best teams in NBA history. I know you all disagree with me so let me know and tell me who you think is going to win it all. I’ve got a feeling I know who you’re picking.

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