Happy Thanksgiving

First off, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Though there may be no NBA games tonight, that just gives you an excellent chance to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones and eat a whole Pek-worth of food. Of course with Thanksgiving, there are the things we have that we are thankful for. For what it’s worth, we shouldn’t rely on one day to think about the things we’re grateful for. Regardless, I’m indeed thankful for many things. First, my family and friends, especially the ones I’ve met on DDL and subsequently, DDU. I’m thankful to AndrewMontanye for letting me write stuff on here, to MontaWorldPeace for being MontaWorldPeace, and to all of DDU for picking up where DDL left off and continuing on the great tradition of talking about nothing basketball while we watch it.

But why stop there? There are plenty more things to be thankful for and I have a list full of them.

I’m thankful for:

  • The Spurs for providing a woman the opportunity to coach in the NBA.
  • Charlotte and MJ bringing back the Hornets
  • Swaggy P
  • Brandin Knight being a potential not top 10 waiting to happen,
  • The Sixers tanking their way to potential historic proportions
  • Travis Wear being on the Knicks so I can get a Christmas jersey with my name on it
  • Swaggy P
  • Kobe breaking the record for career missed FGs
  • The Knicks secretly tanking for Okafor (also known as taking a spill for Jahlil)
  • The Cavs secretly tanking for another number 1 pick which they will eventually trade for Kobe
  • The Antetokoumpbros
  • LeBron going back to Cleveland
  • Swaggy P
  • Lance photobombing Derek Fisher
  • Lance being Lance
  • Melo’s top hat
  • Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love “sharpening their mustaches”
  • Did I mention Swaggy P yet?
  • Raptors’ tribute to Vince Carter
  • Refs forgetting how to count to 5
  • Clyde Frazier

And so much more that I can’t write them all. In summation, I am grateful for many things and lastly, I am grateful to you for taking the time to read this piece.